Book Review: Spurgeon & The Psalms

Have you ever wished you could have a copy of the Psalms small enough to carry with you every day. Now you can. Not only that but included with the Psalms are portions of  C.H. Spurgeon’s messages regarding the Psalms: “The delightful study of the Psalms has yielded me boundless profit and ever-growing pleasure”

Spurgeon and the Psalms is a small book bound in imitation leather which gives the comfort and feel of pebble-grained leather. Not sparing any niceties, Thomas Nelson has included a blue ribbon marker to keep track of where you have read. 

The paper is thick enough to write notes and make highlights without danger of tearing the pages. If you are a note taker, Spurgeon And The Psalms comes with 18 blank pages for notes in the back. 

If you are familiar with Spurgeon’s sermons you will not be disappointed here. Thomas Nelson has included sections from his sermons on Psalms that tie into whichever psalm you are reading. Tapping into Spurgeon’s Spirit-filled messages as you read through Psalms will enhance, challenge and encourage the reader.

I received a free copy of this book as a #BibleGatewayPartner.

Book Review. Thompson Chain-Reference Bible

Soon after my initial expression of love to our Lord and Savior, Jesus, my mentor said to me, “You must have a concordance, a Bible Handbook and a reference Bible. For many years I have used these books to assist in my bible studies and overall understanding. 

But now, with the assistance of the NASB Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, published by Zondervan, we can have an incredible array of study helps within its pages.

The Thompson Original and complete system of Bible study includes:

  1. A complete numerical system of chain references
  2. Analyses of books
  3. Outline studies of characters
  4. Unique charts
  5. Pictorial maps
  6. Archaeological discoveries

This Bible is 2219 pages which includes 609 pages of references. So many books in one. The Thompson system relies on numerical identifications attached to words which are linked throughout the Bible. For example, Psalm 23 begins with, “The Lord is my shepherd…” In the left margin, adjacent to verse one you will find: 3266 God’s Sheep, 74:1. 3266 is the Pilot Number which is found in the Numerical Index along with all the verses pertaining to God’s Sheep. These verses will reveal numbers linked to various chains of thought.

If you return to Psalm 23 you will see the Thompson Forward Reference Number, 74:1 which stands for Psalm 74:1. At this point you will see the God’s Sheep Pilot Number (3266) with another Forward Reference Number, 79:13. And so on it goes with connecting links as you see how God’s Word reveals its eternal connections.

In 1890, Dr. Frank Charles Thompson began working on the chain-links he observed while reading his favorite book, the Bible. The first complete version of the Bible with the Thompson Chain-Reference system was published in 1908. Today millions of people gladly use this unique, reference/study system to understand God’s Word.

I recommend this version of the Bible for any person who desires to use a tried and true study system that has stood the “test of time.” 

As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, #BibleGatewayPartner, I received  a free NASB Thompson Chain-Reference Bible in exchange for an unbiased review which you have just read. Find more information here: FaithGateway Store.

Book Review. Suffering Is Never For Nothing!

“Everything that happens fits into a pattern for good. Suffering is never for nothing.”       ~Elisabeth Elliot

If you wish to more fully understand the author of these challenging and faith-demanding writings, I strongly suggest you read, Through Gates of Splendor.
Elisabeth Elliot, who is now with the Lord in heaven, lived a life infused with suffering, forced to draw God’s peace, grace, and mercy from the midst of earth-shattering, life-ending experiences. And just like Job, she began to understand that suffering is never for nothing!
After reading this book, I wonder what words I might choose to write a review. And then it strikes me that using her own words would serve the reader best. So the following quotes are taken from “Suffering Is Never For Nothing.”.
“There have been some hard things in my life…and I cannot say I know exactly what you’re going through. But I can say that I know the One who knows. And I’ve come to see that it’s through the deepest suffering that God has taught me the deepest lessons.”
“My definition of suffering: Suffering is having what you don’t want or wanting what you don’t have.”
“If I thank God for this very thing which is killing me, I can begin dimly and faintly to see it as a gift. I can realize that it is through that very thing which is so far from being the thing I would have chosen, that God wants to teach me His way of salvation. I will take the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord. I will say yes, Lord. I will say thank You, Lord.”

I received a free copy of this book from B&H Publishing for an unbiased review.

Book Review

Book Review

God’s Book of Proverbs

Lifeway Christian Resources

Years ago, when I proudly declared myself to be a seeker and student of accumulated knowledge, an older and wiser man planted seeds of thought in my mind. He asked, “Are you ardently seeking knowledge at the expense of wisdom?” I think I offhandedly replied, “Knowledge leads to wisdom and I shall have an ample supply of both.” Today I shiver at my arrogance.

Fortunately, I have since learned the difference and humbly seek God’s wisdom found on the pages of the Book of Proverbs. My dear friend above, also said, “If you take a few minutes to read one chapter a day from the Book of Proverbs, God’s wisdom will slowly take root in your heart and change your life. I promise!” I now know he was correct.

And now, thanks to Lifeway Christian Resources, I can take a smallish (4.75 X 6.75 inches) copy of “God’s Book of Proverbs” with me each day. Presented in a cloth covered hardcover, this book is able to withstand harsh treatment while protecting the pages.

God’s Book of Proverbs has a table of contents and an index directing the reader to most categories impacting our daily lives. Do you need help with patience (or lack thereof)? Turn to the index which directs you to page 108 where you’ll find five entries from Proverbs 12, 14, 16, 19, and 25. Pride however, lists 19 entries. I wonder why?

In summary; this booklet will serve as a catalyst, a starting point for each day. I can satisfy myself with reading the brief entries per proverb or focus on one, taking time in my Bible to absorb God’s intent on building my faith and wisdom.  As I realize that seeking God’s wisdom in Proverbs pleases our creator, then I understand how thankful I am to Lifeway Christian Resources.

B&H/Lifeway  provided me with a complimentary copy for an unbiased review.