History Changed by Rock and Roll

British Rock and Rollers Bring World-wide Change!

Initially the UK was ruled by Kings and Queens, then by a parliament consisting of Lords and upper-class men. The established rule of law was passed down to the working class who expected to live in a type of subjection to those living in castles and mansions. Working class people grew up with class distinction firmly in place.

In the sixties, change crept into life in the UK and around the world; Change brought about by teenagers who tossed aside the status quo and turned their backs on tradition. They looked for and found their own idols who were their age, had long hair and danced about on stage, banging on drums, guitars and singing songs of revolution, sex and drugs.

Their new idols were an incredible success and changed the status quo forever. Although rich barons and lords still had wealth and power, the young rock and rollers brought societal changes for good and for bad. Actually, they brought a bloodless revolution with far-reaching effects.

Not only was their music challenging, loud and in-your-face, their behavior was totally outlandish which gained them a world-wide following among teens. They were sudden idols; stars who misbehaved, tore hotel rooms apart, smashed guitars on stage, openly took drugs, had sex with young women who clamored after them.

They broke all the norms of society and did it with bravado. Of course they should do whatever they wanted, they were famous and quickly became rich as well. The adults didn’t know what to do so they did nothing which brought out the very worst behavior in these teen idols.
They became wild and out-of-control which made them even more famous. It was sort of “Just how bad can we be before someone stops us?” The answer? “As bad as you want!”

For the first time in history, admiration was now reserved for the young and disdain for adults. Society was tipped upside down and has never recovered. Along with replacing adults with teens for respect and admiration, morality also went out the window. For the first time, the most sexually exaggerated behavior was not only condoned but revered as well. Before this global change, teenage sex and pregnancy were the exception but now became the rule.

Enter abortion! Now that promiscuity was predominant, what about pregnancies and unwanted babies? Some insidious, evil people stepped forward with a simple answer–abortion. If you find yourself inconveniently pregnant, we can take care of that issue. It is a woman’s reproductive right, after all. No, that thing is not really a human yet. That doesn’t happen until it is born.

And now, more than fifty years later, thousands of young people have been ruined by drugs, alcohol and abortions. How can it be fixed? Actually the disastrous state of affairs in which we now live can only be “fixed” by faith in Jesus Christ who brings total forgiveness and a new life. The search for pleasure, independence and freedom from rules will always bring an unhappy ending.

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