Book Review

Book Review: The End Times Survival Guide

Author:  Mark Hitchcock

November 23, 2018

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. I am under no obligation to give a favorable review.

I’ve read two books by Mark Hitchcock so I was expecting a worthwhile book in this one. I was not disappointed. Mark has his head on straight and is spiritually discerning, aiming at using his writing gift to share God’s Word with all his readers.

I was surprised at how he went about this one, since I had a picture of how he might prepare the reader for the End Times (which are really on the horizon). His approach is quite clever, building a secure biblical foundation on which to establish our secure faith in Christ as the primary building block in preparation for the End Times.

In the final chapter, Mark quotes A. W. Tozer thusly: “Each day our focus should be on the Coming One. Our focus on the Blessed Hope is the most important discipline of our Christian life.”

Ignorance regarding the coming end times will bring uncertainty, fear, and confusion. Mark Hitchcock, through this book, addresses how we should be prepared to confront that final day, walking with Christ in peace and assurance of our final destination. According to Matthew 25:13, “So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of [Jesus’] return.”

Hitchcock writes: “The Rapture is possible any day. . .In light of the imminence of Christ’s coming, the key issue that should grab our hearts is being alert and awake. That’s what Jesus repeated over and over.

There are no 5 Easy Steps for anything. However, if you are hazy about the End Times, Mark Hitchcock’s book will give you a sense of security as he leads you along a Scriptural path of preparedness and encouragement.

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